2014-01-30 19.43.31-2The Sports Program, overseen by the Home and School Association, offers HTS students the choice of a variety of team sports as well as sports-skills programs. The program has been structured to provide opportunities for competitive play, skill development and physical fitness as well as fun for our students.

The program fosters respect for: oneself, teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, faculty and equipment. Participation on all HTS school sponsored sports teams is predicated upon the student athlete maintaining good academic standing and appropriate conduct.


Parents of HTS students are required to register their children using Sports Illustrated Play site

Parent Support

Parents are encouraged to volunteer to help coach and organize events. All volunteers must complete the Protecting God’s Children course, to comply with Archdiocesan requirements. Additionally, individual leagues may have other requirements, such as Rutgers Certification, sport specific certifications, and other basic training/meeting requirements.

Fees are charged based on the estimated league and referee fees, plus uniform and equipment maintenance.

Sports Offered fans

The following sports have been offered at HTS.

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading – girls, grades 3-8
  • Cross Country – boys and girls,  grades K-8
  • Golf Clinic at Echo Lake – grades 5-8
  • Track & Field – boys and girls, grades preK-8
  • Softball – girls, grades 6-8
  • Volleyball
    • Fall Team – girls, grades 4-8
    • Spring Team – boys, grades 4-8

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee is made up of parents and others who help run the program. It is responsible for:

  • reviewing and planning budget and expenses
  • reviewing policy, codes of conduct and league requirements
  • planning capital expenses for equipment and uniform upgrades and facilities expenses

Individual directors are responsible for:

  • choosing leagues to participate in
  • planning activity budgets and expenses
  • nominating coaches
  • collecting sports fees and sign-up forms

    2016 5th grade wins clark winter tourne

    5th Grade Team Wins Clark BB Tournament – Feb. 2016

Each sport’s director nominates the head coaches, who are approved by the athletic director and HSA president. Head coaches have discretion to select assistants, however they are still subject to the review and approval process.