Protecting God’s Children

Dear Parents and Friends of Holy Trinity School,

Thank you for volunteering to spend your time and talents with our children.

Based on the guidelines established in the Dallas Charter for Protecting God’s Children, our Archdiocese has implemented the following three requirements for all parish staff, school staff and all volunteers.

1)  Attendance at a Protecting God’s Children Workshop, a sexual abuse awareness program that is being held throughout the Archdiocese. Please register yourself on line at the seminar of your choice and return the certificate of attendance to the school office after completing the program. Find the schedule of seminars & registration link here.

The online registration process for the workshop above will guide you through steps #2 and 3.

2) Read Policy Document and sign electronic and hard copies: As part of the online process for the workshop above, you will be prompted to read the  Policies on Professional and Ministerial Conduct  and electronically sign the Acknowledgement of Compliance and Archdiocesan Code of Ethics (called appendix B found on page 23). Your signature acknowledges your understanding and acceptance of the Policy. Hard copy of your acknowledgement is also required for your school file. Please sign and return with your completed volunteer application ( see #3 below).

3)  Complete Volunteer Application including permission for a criminal background check: Lastly, all volunteers are required to complete a volunteeer application which includes your authorization for a criminal history review based on your name, social security number, and date of birth. (Our staff has already passed a Criminal Background Check via fingerprinting as per NJ State laws.)

As part of the online registration process for the workshop above, you will be prompted to BEGIN VERIFIED VOLUNTEERS BACKGROUND CHECK by inputting your own data (name, address, and SS#, etc.). If there are any potential problems with you background check, you will be notified directly by the Archdiocese Safety officer.

If you continue to be active at HTS, a criminal background check will now be performed every five years based on this authorization.

If you need them, registration instructions are available to guide you through this online registration process.

Thank you for your cooperation in this program to safeguard our children.

Dr. Adele Ellis, Principal

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