graduationAcademic Excellence is a Primary Focus

Academics are strong at Holy Trinity School. The school routinely scores above average on standardized tests in all subject areas and its students are the recipients of extensive scholarships to prestigious area private high schools and acceptances to Union County Magnet High School and the three Union County Academies.

HTS has also won the Roselle Catholic Scholastic Olympics competition numerous times.


Holy Trinity School teachers apply critical thinking skills along with technology to prepare students for life’s work and to develop a sensitivity to cultural and aesthetic values.

The school’s curriculum is guided by the elementary school curriculum of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark.

The school has a faculty of certified teachers, educating children from 2 years old through 8th grade. In addition to classroom teachers, the staff includes a full-time resource teacher and librarian as well as dedicated instructors in computers, foreign language, art, music and physical education teachers.

The basic subjects are taught employing various educational techniques, audio-visual equipment and technology. Religion, as an integral part of the curriculum, is taught daily and permeates all aspects of everyday school activities.

All students are expected to demonstrate growth, especially in reading, mathematics, and English, the disciplines for which passing grades are the criteria for promotion. Consideration is given to each student when planning courses and enrichment. Provision is made for varied abilities along with periodic re-evaluations.

Foreign Language

Foreign language is introduced as part of the Kindergarten program and is also offered as an enrichment program for Pre-K and Kindergarten. Spanish is then taught in grades 1-8.


Art is an essential part of the elementary school experience. When we begin with the premise that God is “the author of all beauty” (Catechism 2129), art education is imperative to a Catholic Education. At Holy Trinity School we believe that education in the area of the Visual Arts enables students to appreciate and respond to the beauty of God’s world as well as the works crafted by artists.

Objectives of Visual Arts Curriculum:

  • To develop perceptual awareness of oneself, the environment, and identify certain visual concepts
  • To develop skills in technique and use of media and tools
  • To become knowledgeable of the elements of art, principles of design, and the language of art
  • To be able to appreciate, enjoy, analyze, interpret and express preferences for works of art crafted by self and others
  • To be able to produce two and three dimensional works of art incorporating developed visual concepts, learned skills and techniques, and creativity

Students have a wide variety of skills, talents, and imagination; therefore, all work will be evaluated by standards that each individual can attain.


Music is an essential part of the elementary school experience.  Every child has the potential for successful, meaningful interactions with music. The development of this potential, through encounters with a wide variety of music and abundant opportunities to participate regularly in developmentally appropriate music activities, is the right of every child.  The Holy Trinity School Music Curriculum allows students to perform at liturgies, seasonal concerts and talent shows.

Physical Education

All grades, Pre-K through grade 8, participate in physical education classes in the full-sized gym and on the outside playground areas.