The Home And School Association – HSA

The Home and School Association is an organization comprised of all parents and guardians of students, the members of the school faculty, the principal, and an HSA advisor or School Advisory Board officer. The HSA is managed by the Executive Board of elected officers and holds general membership meetings six times a year. It facilitates communication and cooperation between the school and home in matters of purpose, policy and procedure. Social events, fund raising activities that contribute to the operational costs of the school, and the sports program form an integral part of home and school involvement.

Email us at: hsa@htisnj.com

Key responsibilities include:

  • To support communication and interaction between parents, teachers and administration in the shared spiritual, intellectual, and emotional training of students.
  • To generate fundraising activities to offset the expenses of the school.
  • To make contributions to the school in the areas of social and extracurricular activities as well as academics.
  • To foster a sense of community between all members of the organization.

The 2019-202019 Executive Board

  • Co-President- Corinna Mazza
  • Co-President – Becky Klock
  • Vice President – Candice Norris
  • Treasurer – Dennis Cariello
  • Recording Secretary – Courtney Thein
  • Corresponding Secretary – Gretchen Byrne
  • Member-at-Large – Ashley Boccello
  • Member-at-Large – Sonia Brenner
  • Member-at-Large – Amy Lovato
  • Member-at-Large – Rebecca Nott
  • Member-at-Large – Alexis Sosinski
  • Member-at-Large – Kim Torres

Operational Standing Committees

  • Sports: Athletic Director – Todd Mitchell
  • Class Parents Committee Co-Chairs – Sonia Brenner and Rebecca Nott

HSA Email: hsa@holytrinityschool.org

HSA Meeting Minutes (parent password required)

HSA Committees

Committees are led by chairpersons, which are one-year terms, but are generally held for two consecutive years.

Classroom Parents
Two parents from each class serve as classroom parents to ensure the teacher and children are well served. They are responsible for phone chain communication for school closings, message dissemination to parents and managing class funds. They organize transportation for class trips, donation of supplies for class parties, and hospitality and refreshments for events. They also help the faculty as needed. Prospective class parents are confirmed by September.

Sports Program
The Sports Program offers students team sports and  skills programs. The program has been structured to provide opportunities for competitive play, skill development, physical fitness as well as fun. The program fosters respect for oneself, teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, faculty and equipment. Participation on school-sponsored sports teams is predicated upon the student athlete maintaining good academic standing and appropriate conduct. As per New Jersey State law, sports physicals are required for all student athletes in grades 6-8. See Sports Forms for details for physicals.