About Our School

Holy Trinity School Mission Statement

The Mission of Holy Trinity School, a faith based community, is to educate our students to actualize their full, individual potential both spiritually and academically, while adhering to the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. This will enable them to become responsible members of their families, high schools, churches, and communities in an ever-changing world.

We believe that:

• The Holy Trinity School community provides a model of Catholicity in action and  deed to reflect the love of Jesus.
• Individual differences and needs are identified and accommodations are made to enable each child to reach his or her full potential.
• Service to others is an ongoing commitment of our students and staff.
• Parents are partners in education.
• Children are guided toward responsible behavior.
• Education is an ongoing, lifelong process essential to success in an ever changing world.
Our children are encouraged to be excited, creative, and reflective in their approach to learning.

Profile of Graduates:

At the time of graduation, the students have successfully completed Holy Trinity’s course of study and are well prepared for the challenges of high school, college, career, and young adulthood.
The graduates are influenced by their teachers, the curriculum, and the whole school community to prepare them for challenges of the future.
By example the school community fosters:
• Spirituality and Catholic values
• Honesty, morality, and ethical practices
• Respect and awareness of the needs of others
• Leadership qualities

alumni 2011 closeup

Congratulations to HT Alumni Class of 2011- Off to College Fall 2015

Recent graduates of Holy Trinity take pride in the school and the education they received here. As high school students and college students they often return to visit Holy Trinity and offer advice to our current students while professing their appreciation for Catholic education. Many alumni affirm the value of Catholic education by enrolling their children in Holy Trinity School.

alumni and friends 2

School Overview

Holy Trinity School has been serving the community trinity cross birdsince 1916. As a 2011 U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and a Middle States Accredited School operating under the auspices of the Newark Archdiocesan School System, the school emphasizes the values of our faith and continually seeks to build a community where priests, parents, parishioners, students, faculty, and other staff share a common concern for the spiritual and educational growth of each individual.

The school has a faculty of certified teachers, educating children from preschool through eighth grade. In addition to classroom teachers, the staff includes a full-time academic coach, a librarian, a computer teacher, three foreign language teachers, a physical ed. teachers, and two art teachers.

The basic subjects are taught employing a variety of educational techniques and technologies; Spanish, French, art, vocal and instrumental music, and physical education classes are also part of the curriculum.

Religion, as an integral part of the curriculum, is taught daily and permeates all aspects of everyday school activities. Students plan and participate in liturgies and experiences that give positive expression to their faith.

Facilities include a fully equipped library, computer and science laboratories, music room, prayer room, resource room, a broadcasting studio, gym/auditorium, dedicated art room and a cafeteria. Technology has been fully incorporated throughout the school. Wireless internet access allows teachers to use their iPads, laptops, projectors, and Smart Boards for daily interactive learning. Full-class sets of iPads are available for student lessons. Teachers post homework online and utilize the Power School program for grades, progress reports, and report cards, keeping parents up to date on their children’s progress. Classrooms are also equipped with TVs, DVDs, and computers to further integrate technology into the curriculum.

Pre-school programs and a full-day kindergarten are offered in the same building as elementary and middle school classes in Westfield.

Extracurricular activities include: chess, a drama club,  a robotics club, girls’ softball, boys’ and girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ basketball starting in kindergarten, co-ed cross-country and spring track, co-ed golf clinics, and all levels of scouting for both girls and boys.

Extended Day Care is also available.

School Philosophy

Recognizing Jesus as the Source and the Goal of life, Holy Trinity School is committed to educating students in the light of the message of the Gospel. Our primary responsibility is to lead the students to the realization that Christ alone brings fulfillment. Thus, Holy Trinity brings to each child a knowledge of Christ and His teachings. Every subject is influenced by the students’ faith and its precepts. Their personal conduct, their relationships with others, their attitudes, their values, and their goals are interwoven with their Christian beliefs.

At Holy Trinity, the staff is committed to instructional programs that acknowledge the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. We seek to provide a systematic growth of knowledge and skills to prepare wholesome, productive members of society. In a Christian environment, Holy Trinity utilizes both traditional and innovative teaching methods, so that the students receive the best of each. While basics are stressed, there is ample opportunity for the “new” and “untried.” Individual differences are identified to enable each child to develop a positive self-image and to work to his or her potential.

Holy Trinity directs its students to a God-centered life so that they can live the Christian life in a modern society.

Catholicitygirls praying

The distinctive Catholic character of Holy Trinity School is what differentiates it from other school options. The teachings of the Catholic Church permeate the entire curriculum.

Objectives and Strategies:

  1. Students and parents will be regularly challenged to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to develop a personal, lifelong commitment to Him.
  2. Our school will be distinctively Catholic and Christ-centered in its mission, faith-based values and program.
  3. Our sponsoring parishes will encourage all Catholic families to enroll their children in Catholic school. Non-Catholics will be welcomed and their faiths and traditions respected.
  4. Our staff will be regularly encouraged to deepen their faith commitment, and to live their commitment on a daily basis.
  5. Our school will continue to be an integral part of our parishes’ ministries.

At Holy Trinity School religious formation is integrated through:

  • Atmosphere and environment parade_of_saints_2010
  • Practice and priority of daily prayer
  • School liturgies and para-liturgies
  • Seasonal prayer services
  • Living Rosary devotion
  • Parade of Saints presented by 1st and 8th grade partners
  • May Crowning devotion to the Blessed Mother
  • Lenten Stations of the Cross
  • On-going Community Service Projects
  • Celebration of Catholic School Week.

Parish and Pastors

The school is co-sponsored by the following parishes

  • Holy Trinity Church, Westfield — Rev. Anthony Randazzo
  • Our Lady of Lourdes, Mountainside — Rev. Richard Carrington
  • St. Helen, Westfield — Rev. Michael Saporito

Protecting God’s Children

The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People has been approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to protect all children in our care. As an integral part of the goal to protect the faithful from the specter of sexual abuse of children that is pervading our society, Article 13 of the Charter requires dioceses to evaluate the background of all diocesan and parish personnel who have regular contact with minors. Based on the guidelines established in the Dallas Charter for Protecting God’s Children, our Archdiocese has implemented several requirements for all parish staff, school staff and all volunteers. See: Protecting God’s Children for more details.

School History

Holy Trinity School Centennial ~ 1916-2016

In 2016 our school celebrated 100 Years of Catholic Education Excellence at Holy Trinity School in Westfield.


School History

Holy Trinity Parochial Elementary School was established in 1916 during the pastorate of Monsignor Henry Watterson. The school opened with a class of 12 students in the first grade and a total of 130 pupils in six grades. The Sisters of Charity of Convent Station, New Jersey, staffed the school.

Holy Trinity Grade School Class of 1958

Construction of the elementary school building was begun on the corner of First Street and Trinity Place. Until the building was ready, four classes were held on the main floor of the church and two in the choir loft. The elementary school building was extended along Trinity Place in 1926.

The elementary school moved to its present site in 1976. For almost a century, Holy Trinity has prepared several thousand young men and women for responsible roles in family, civic, business, professional, and religious life in response to the call and demands of the total teaching mission of the Church.

The parishes of Saint Helen, Our Lady of Lourdes, and Holy Trinity began cosponsoring the school in 1991. The school site remained at Holy Trinity while the governance was shared by the three pastors. The Mountainside Campus of Holy Trinity Interparochial School opened in September 2002 in an existing building at Our Lady of Lourdes. This early childhood center offers a variety of pre-kindergarten programs and a full-day kindergarten.

Full-day kindergarten was added to the Westfield Campus in 2014.

Holy Trinity School removed the “Interparochial” designation in 2017 when the Archdiocese took on more administrative oversight of all its schools and the three co-sponsoring parishes took on more of a spiritual leadership role and less of an administrative one.

Pre-K-4 was added to the Westfield Campus in 2018.

In the fall of 2019, HTS expanded Pre-K in the Westfield building to include Pre-K-3.